Ferrets are obligate carnivores or meat eaters like cat and they cannot survive without meat in their diet. However, fresh raw meat can contain harmful parasites and micro organisms that can be fatal to your pet. Take this guide for choosing the best food to feed your ferret:

Ferrets eat high-quality premium cat food or specially formulated best ferret food that should be high in protein and energy and low in fibre. You should only give your ferret cat food that is sold in pet stores and veterinary clinics because they are specially formulated for pet ferrets. Grocery bought or generic cat foods are not good for ferrets because most of them are too low in fat. You can give your ferret some of the following food:



Moist food like cat food usually sours after few hours especially in warm weather so the best way to feed ferret is to leave dry, pellet food with them because of this factor and the crunchy food has an effect to the ferret’s teeth. Ferrets on moist diets develop much more plaque on their teeth sooner than ferrets on the same food fed dry.


Ferrets on dry diet should have a constant supply of fresh water. There should be about three times of water from the volume of dry pellet that you are giving them. A ferret with no water to drink for 24 hours will stop eating and they drink much more water during warm weather. Ferret accessories like water bottles are the most convenient way to keep fresh water available but they also enjoy drinking from a dish.


Snacks are not really a requirement in keeping your ferret happy but some owners need to feel good about themselves by giving their pets some treats once in a while. Here is the list of snacks that you can give to your ferrets in moderation:

  • Linoleic acid coat conditioners (e.g.; Linatone, Drs. Foster & Smith Vitacoat, Ferretone, a few drops daily)
  • Commercially packaged meat-based cat or ferret treats, especially liver flavor
  • Cooked meat
  • Cooked eggs
  • Freeze-dried muscle or organ meats, available as commercial treats

Snacks are not good for ferrets because most of them are not well balanced and overindulgence will result in your pet’s malnutrition and obesity. Sugary snacks can also cause problems to your pet like obesity, tooth decay, and aggravation of hypoglycemia caused by insulinomas. Avoid giving your pet some of the following snacks:

  • Ice cream
  • Soft drinks (sodas)
  • Marshmallows
  • Potato chips
  • Peanut butter

Your Ferrets may become so passionately fond of certain flavors that they won’t eat anything else. You can give them some treats once in a while as long as you avoid giving them sugary foods to keep your pet healthy and happy.